DGG Lauren at Furniture, Fashion, For a Night!
Kids Kicking Cancer is a Michigan-based non-profit bringing the power of martial arts to kids with cancer. Finding out about this program through my attendance at “Furniture, Fashion, For a Night” has been one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve encountered.

Furniture, Fashion, For a NightThe “Furniture, Fashion, For a Night” event  held at Hillside Contemporary Furniture was an elegant evening of meshing textures and materials with runway couture. The beautiful models literally strolled the runway in ball gowns made from furniture!  Thanks to Paulina Braiz-Harb of Paulina BH and Hillside’s President, Jeff Selik, our view on fashion has completely transformed!

Furniture, Fashion, For a NightI’d like to thank every sponsor and person involved in putting the event together for inviting Detroit’s Gossip Girls; I met so many wonderful vendors, guests, care-givers and parents.

The real stars of the evening were the phenomenal children affected by cancer. We heard from Alexa, a high school student living with melanoma for more than half of her life. I can’t even type this without getting emotional, remembering her powerful speech on survival, living life to its fullest, and not becoming a victim of cancer.

Furniture, Fashion, For a NightI’ll never forget the hugs and smiles from the youngest supermodels on stage.  Samantha, Desiree, and friends made my night with stories of getting ready backstage and feeling like Hanna Montana!  To witness their happiness made me more elated than I have been in a very long time.

Philanthropy and giving back is something the DGGs take very seriously. I have been touched by Kids Kicking Cancer for what they accomplish every single day. I spoke with a mom who said if it was not for Kids Kicking Cancer’s teachings of meditation and breathing, her daughter would not be able to get through taking eleven pills weekly.

“The nonprofit organization Kids Kicking Cancer helps children with cancer manage the stress and pain of their disease and treatments through personalized coachings instructed by black belt martial artists. These children achieve power, peace and purpose by teaching their deep breathing techniques to others to help them reduce stress”– www.powerpeacepurpose.com

Furniture, Fashion, For a NightFurniture Fashion For a Night raised over $14,000 in silent & live auctions and ticket sales…what an honor to have been in attendance! I plan to become more hands-on with Kids Kicking Cancer – they are changing lives every single day. After experiencing such a night, all I can think about is helping this organization flourish in any way I can!

Kids Kicking Cancer is located at 645 Griswold St., Suite 444, Detroit, MI…please visit their website HERE: www.powerpeacepurpose.com


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  1. Jeff Selik says:

    Hey Lauren–It was a pleasure having you! Glad you had such a blast while appreciating our worthwhile cause. Looking forward to having you front and center for next year’s f3! 😉

  2. Peterson says:

    As a tceaher and a parent, I think it is incredible what you did with your daughters. The world around us has so much to offer and teach us and I think it’s great that your family was able to experience that together. I love travel and think it is a way to grow us and make us aware of all the history and culture that is the world as a whole.I look forward to receiving your emails and keep up with your travels.

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