Well, I love the city, I enjoyed the movie, and I adored the live musical…Chicago!  The orchestra, the cast, the songs, and “all that jazz” were so great! The show combined humor, dance, and song to tell an ironic story of crime and glamour.  I spent two and a half hours laughing, tapping my feet and singing along to the recognizable songs “Razzle Dazzle,” “All That Jazz,” and “Cell Block Tango.”

The show used minimal props and set pieces, but yet somehow managed to be wildly entertaining and visually appealing.  It’s amazing what the cast can do with their bodies and voices! 

Whether or not you have seen the show or the movie before, I would recommend you check out Chicago at the Fisher Theater staring Tracy Shayne, Terra C. MacLeod, and recognizable TV star John O’Hurley.  It’s sure to “razzle dazzle” you!!!


**DGGs received tickets, courtesy of Fisher Theatre


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