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It’s 2011. Flowers and brunch aren’t going to cut it for Mother’s Day anymore. Get with the times. Mom is e-mailing, texting, and tweeting…so why not get her something digital instead of drab?

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Tech Gifts for Mother's Day

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Ratio ($5 at iTunes): How often has your mom complained about having too few ingredients for a meal or making too much food? The Ratio app does the job for you, giving precise ratios of ingredients for dishes so that Mom can make that perfect amount of her specialty. It’s a gift that will make Mom happier and the trash empty of leftovers.

X-Mini II Capsule Speaker ($25 at Amazon): Whatever is your mom’s favorite music, from Aretha Franklin to ZZ Top, one thing is clear: she wants to rock out. Why not let her blast her favorite tunes wherever she goes? Get her an X-Mini II speaker, stylish and a sonic standout. Compactable into a size smaller than a tennis ball, the X-Mini expands into a powerful speaker. With up to 11 hours of continuous music on a charge, the X-Mini is definitely the way to go.

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Logitech Webcam C310 ($30 at Amazon): Whether it’s catching up with old friends or a newly departed child at college, every mom needs a webcam. If Mom’s looking for a high quality camera, go for the C310, which packs HD picture quality in at a low price. With a built-in microphone, auto-focusing lens, and face tracking technology, it will keep Mom looking good every time.

Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener  ($29 at Amazon): After a long day of fixing everything, Mom deserves a glass of wine. The Oster 4208 takes the effort out of opening bottles, quickly removing corks with the push of a button. Combine that with a wine chiller that will keep Pinot Grigio at the perfect temperature, and you have a gift that can get her on the path to being an amateur sommelier.

Flip UltraHD Video Camera ($148 at Amazon): Mom doesn’t have to hurt her back lugging around a camera to film a soccer game or family dinner anymore. The Flip Cam takes filmmaking to a handheld era, capturing high definition video with ease. With a great microphone, two hours of recording memory, and ultimate portability, the Flip Cam can turn Mom into the house Scorsese.

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In the end, getting an “Aw, that’s so nice” is fine if you want to go with an old fashioned Mother’s Day gift, but getting Mom one of these electronic presents will get her excited…and last a whole lot longer than a bouquet of flowers. In 2011, go tech instead of tired.