DGG Bethany
Sign me up for bottomless food and drinks any day!  I love eating and I love drinking so I was thrilled to head to the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi to sample wine, but didn’t fully know what to expect.  When I got there, I was blown away. 
I was greeted at the door with a wine glass, a plate, and numerous drink tickets.  With those tools in hand, I was on my way…traveling from table to table, indulging in all the vendors had to offer…and boy, did they have a lot to offer!

I expected a variety of wines, but there were so many wine brands represented, I didn’t even know where to start!  There were some Michigan Wineries and some national brands.  I was excited to try varieties from Traverse City and Tecumseh first.   A Sweet Harvest Apple White Wine was the first to touch my taste buds.  It was delicious and unique because it was not made from grapes!  Then, I sampled a Riesling which was also sweet and delicious! 

After sampling some local varieties, I moved on to a well-known brand of wine and asked for a full pour of my favorite new champagne.  Barefoot makes the most delicious Moscato Champagne – you all need to try it!  It’s soooooo good!

After 3 glasses, I filled up on fresh fruit, crackers, and cheese and continued to explore.  There were food vendors, crafts, jewelry, and local businesses set up at various booth.  I lost track of time checking out everything they had to offer at their various stations.

When I had made a full circle I finished up at the live auction hosted by CW50 and CBS Detroit’s morning news anchor, Syma Chowdhry.  I stuck around and listened to her entertaining auctioneering and grazed at the Melting Pot booth (conveniently located right next to the auction stage so I could make multiple trips).

What a cool event!  I sure ate and drank well…I’ll be sure to go back next year!

I’ll keep it fabulous and keep you in the loop!


**DGGs received tickets, courtesy of the Michigan International Wine Expo


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