Local singer / songwriter Angela Predhomme’s newly released single, “This Might Be Good,” will be featured as the closing soundtrack title in an independent British filmmaker’s comedy film, “A Wedding Most Strange.”

The following is a reaction and some background from Angela. We here at CW50 thought her enthusiasm for the city was just too cool not to share.


I’m writing this in follow-up to a press release that went out earlier today about the Michigan singer/songwriter whose music is featured in an upcoming British film.

That’s me, and I wanted to follow up and let you know that this track has done quite well so far, and it’s been written, recorded and produced 100% in metro Detroit.

This song features guitarist Brett Lucas, who tours as part of Bettye LaVette’s band (Detroit-based), and also plays with Thornetta Davis regularly. The other musicians are Detroitpros as well. We recorded the song at the Tempermill Studio inFerndale, and it was mixed and mastered by engineer Jim Kissling.

Just over a year ago, this same song received an honor that I’m still very proud of. It won finalist placement in a song contest that featured Paul McCartney himself as a judge. Paul’s songwriting has been a big influence of mine, and it’s apparent in melodic nature of my songwriting. The fact that Sir Paul most likely heard my song and liked it over many others was a major accomplishment for me as a singer/songwriter, understandably.

Now, it’s this same song, “This Might Be Good,” that has been chosen to be featured in a film soundtrack. Seeing my name and song title at the top of the list for a film soundtrack is really exciting for me!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that this song is a product of this fine city. Many songwriters get professional demos in Nashville, but I know we have a great pool of talent right here in Detroit, and I’m thrilled with the work these musicians did on all the songs on my recent album, Don’t Wonder.

If you are interested in learning more about Angela, you can visit her official site.