DGG Bethany

We were welcomed into a small theater in downtown Ann Arbor for a night of food, fundraising, and fashion.  The Performance Network was cozy and set up nicely for the event, a hidden gem I would never have discovered on my own. 

We started the evening mingling and enjoying food and an open bar.  There were numerous theater supporters in attendance.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying the food (as was I) and bidding generously on the silent auction items.  There was also a table of decadent desserts.  I helped myself to more than one! 

The night continued as we moved into the theater for a live auction and fashion show.  I can’t say that I have ever really been excited for or enjoyed a live auction, but this evening at the Performance Network definitely changed my perspective.  After each item up for bid was announced, the improv troupe from Go Comedy! Improv Theater in Ferndale performed a hilarious skit about each item.  I laughed harder and harder after each item.  Those in attendance bid very generously, and the auction was not only entertaining, but successful!

After the live auction, we got a sneak preview of the theater’s schedule for the upcoming season.  The Performance Network will be producing numerous Tony Award nominated plays this season, and I can’t wait to catch them all!

The night was coming to a close with a fashion show.  Danielle, Lauren, and I were asked to judge the fashions and choose fourth place, third place, second place, and first place finishers. 

The show was unlike anything I had seen!  Each look was a century piece.  Some of them were very authentic and others had modern twists to make them more wearable.  As each look came down the runway the decision became harder and harder!  We saw some Shakespearian looks, some Victorian looks, Elizabethan looks,  a Roman look, and even a Marie Antoinette look.  What a variety of beautiful costumes and a fun way to learn history! 

After a  tough deliberation, your Detroit’s Gossip Girls were able to come to a decision.  We announced the winner (a brocade Victorian dress with a matching hat and floral details) and applauded all of the designers and models that participated to close the evening.  I had never  really spent time in Ann Arbor before this event, but now I will certainly be going back to check out some plays this season!

Thanks to the Performance Network for the invitation, and thanks to all who support the Performance Network with your donations! 

I’ll keep it fabulous and keep you in the loop!



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