After a crazy week, I was very excited to attend the Pink Pump VS. P2 fashion show!  Pink Pump has four locations: Ann Arbor, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, and Royal Oak! 

Owner Tawny Thieu first started her shoe quest in 2006 with her first store called Shoe Envy!  In 2009, Tawny officially changed the name of her soon to be shoe empire to Pink Pump!  I am very impressed by how quicky Tawny was able to open four Pink Pump stores and now she’s branching out with P2! 

P2 is in Royal Oak, right across from Pink Pump, and is much different from the Pink Pump’s price tags…but not their amazing taste in style!  Tawny’s new store offers clothes, purses, and shoes for $50.00 and under!  Yes, ladies, I did just say $50 and under!!! 

The fashion show was to die for. The pairs of shoes with the trendy outfits made me want to buy everything!  Best part of the entire event was when I learned two special ladies were models in the fashion show!  Their wishes were granted by the Make a Wish Foundation!  Tawny made the girls’ days even better by sending the ladies for a day of beauty from Liquid Salon (Bloomfield Hills) and letting them keep the outfit they modeled as a thank you from the Pink Pump/P2 team. 

The entire event is one I will never forget, and I wish Tawny major sucess with P2!  Til next time, stay flawless and fabulous….


**DGGs received passes, courtesy of Shaina Ortiz


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