P2 Store Opening

Lauren, Danielle, and I were welcomed into an adorable boutique right in the heart of Royal Oak on Main Street.  The store right across the street from Pink Pump was open exclusively for a night of fashion, food, and fabulosity.  We were greeted at the door with generous gift bags and treated to cute cupcakes and glasses of wine.  A DJ enhanced the environment with fun, upbeat music, and we browsed around the new, adorably decorated boutique before the show got started.

P2 Store OpeningI knew just by taking a look around that we were in for a great show.  P2 is  a spinoff store from Pink Pump (a favorite of mine), so I knew I would like the clothes and shoes that were going to be shown…but it wasn’t til I started looking at the price tags that I was truly blown away!  Everything was under $50!  I saw shoes for $34.99, tops for $24.99, dresses for $29.99, and even a blazer for $24.99!  My interest was peaked, and I was dying to see the show!

P2 Store OpeningWe had a seat along the runway and the show began with a video;  the video featured managers, buyers, and employees of the Pink Pump brand expressing their love for the company that is run by females, for females, and working in the community to support women’s non-profit organizations.  Based on what I saw, the Pink Pump chain is bound to keep growing!!!! Pretty soon, my friends in Grand Rapids and Chicago will probably be able to shop at Pink Pump boutiques!

P2 Store OpeningThe catwalk featured beautiful models  and beautiful looks from the original Pink Pump and from the brand new P2.  The idea for the show was so innovative!  A model introduced each segment of the show with a ‘Round 1’, ‘Round 2’, or ‘Round 3’ sign to give us the feel of a boxing match.  Then both boutiques duked it out on the runway, showing a ‘splurge’ outfit from Pink Pump and then a ‘save’ version from the budget-friendly P2 store.  Both stores showcased looks that will surely be in my closet this summer!  I can’t wait til I get my next paycheck!  Looking forward to the convenience of shopping a current favorite, Pink Pump, and a new love of mine, P2 in one location!

I’ll keep it fabulous and keep you in the loop!


**DGGs received passes, courtesy of Shaina Ortiz


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