Lauren and I were super excited to see this movie the moment we saw the previews during The Roomate‘s screening! 

The movie is a modern take on the beloved classic, Beauty and the Beast…minus the animation! 

Up and coming actor Alex Pettyfer played the “beast” while Vanessa Hudgens wowed everyone as her role as the “Beauty”.  They had a special connection on screen which was such a pleasure to watch! 

I also loved Neil Patrick Harris as Hunter’s (Alex Pettyfer) tutor in the film.  He brought some funny moments to the movie. 

This is such a sweet movie that I enjoyed very much!  I give this one two thumbs up! 

Check back soon for my blog from the P2 store opening and spring fashion show! Til next time, stay flawless and fabulous…


**DGGs received passes, courtesy of Terry Hines & Associates


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