Burn The Floor

A mambo, a foxtrot, and some Latin fire! The Fisher Theatre transformed into one enormous ballroom as the world’s most talented movers “burned the floor” and waltzed right into our hearts!

BURN THE FLOOR has made its way to Broadway in Detroit and this DGG couldn’t be happier…I enjoyed every one-two-step! From the daring choreography to the glamorous costumes, this show is meant for everyone.

Twenty champion dancers from all facets of the world took us on a journey through time! We gleamed in awe as they cha cha cha’d to the Latin Quarter, Viennesed with class at the Savoy and gave us fever all through the disco era!

Not only were the dancers phenomenal, but we were also serenaded by beautiful vocal numbers. American Idol’s Vonzell Solomon stopped the show with her angelic yet powerful accompaniment to the performers.

If you’re ready to get on your feet, smile ’til your cheeks hurt and learn a move or two, BURN THE FLOOR is the perfect shimmy…I mean Show…for you! 😉

You know you love me, XOXO

DGG Cam: Audience reactions!

**DGGs received tickets, courtesy of Fisher Theare


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