DGGs @ Mooz-Lum
A very special Detroit premiere of the highly anticipated, Michigan-made film, Mooz-Lum, took place Friday, February 4th, at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

Cast of Mooz-LumAttendees enjoyed a red carpet soiree, screening of the film before it hits theaters (February 11th), and a special Q & A session with the director/writer Qasim Basir, along with select members of accomplished cast and crew.

Randy from Mooz-LumGirls of Mooz-Lum

On behalf of Detroit’s Gossip Girls, I’d like to send the warmest THANK YOU to Qasim and Ambassador Magazine for including us in this unforgettable moment in Michigan film history!

Check out my video blog for exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage from the event:


**DGGs received passes, courtesy of Ambassador Magazine


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