Vodka VodkaMetro Times knows how to throw a party, and Vodka Vodka was no different!  As we arrived, we knew that the event was going to be hot… 

The line actually wrapped around the outside of the Royal Oak Farmers Market!  After making our way into the building, we were surprised to see all the different Vodka companies who chose to take part in the event!  Not only was there a wide variety of drinks, but there were also many different restaurants from Royal Oak, Berkley, and Ferndale showing off their food!

After taking a quick lap around the event, I was ready to spend my Vodka Vodka monopoly money!  As I waited in line for some Grey Goose, I noticed many people dressed up for the occasion!  Many people were sporting large furry hats and huge fur coats!  I felt as if I was in a nightclub in the heart of Russia! 

After a short wait, I tasted my Grey Goose mixed drink, which hit the spot.  If you know me, you know I am not much of a liquor person, but many of the vodkas were very smooth!  It was interesting to hear about how each vodka was made!  I also learned how vodka could have so many different and uniquely infused flavors! 

After a few drinks, I made my way to Cathy’s Cupcakes and enjoyed a mini lemon drop cupcake…it was a great treat!  The entire night was so much fun, and I’m glad I got to take part in this premier vodka-tasting!  A special thanks to Metro Times for inviting the Detroit’s Gossip Girls!  Til next time, stay flawless and fabulous…


**DGGs received passes, courtesy of Metro Times


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