DGGs at Vodka Vodka
Before I even stepped foot inside, I knew this was going to be an event to remember.  The line of people waiting to get in to the Metro Times Vodka Vodka event extended around the building.  Those working the door even ended up having to turn a number of people away because the event was so popular and sold out! 

Zodiac VodkaOnce inside, I was given a wristband and drink tickets and greeted my fellow DGGs with a hug.  We were all excited to indulge in some delicious foods and smooth vodka drinks.  
The atmosphere was incredible…the Royal Oak Farmers Market had been transformed into a night club.  Svedka VodkaThe ceilings and walls had been draped in red cloth and white lights and vodka logos were everywhere.  Ice sculptures and giant vodka bottles marked each station.  Svedka, Ciroc, Absolut, Ugly Dog, and Valentine Vodkas were just a few of those serving up mixed drinks while the DJ played a unique mix of beats.  
Ciroc VodkaBetween drinks we tried food from the local vendors and restaurants that were represented.  There was pasta, baked mac & cheese, dessert fondue from Melting Pot, cupcakes from Just Baked, and chips and guacamole from Zumba in Royal Oak.  We tried a little of everything and filled up quickly.
My taste buds were certainly satisfied at this fabulous food and drink buffet and party!  DGGs at Vodka VodkaMy taste buds thank you, Metro Times!! 
I’ll keep it fabulous and keep you in the loop!

**DGGs received passes, courtesy of Metro Times