Country Strong
Your Detroit’s Gossip Girls got to check out one of our fave Gossip Girls in the new flick, Country Strong. Leighton Meester made her debut in a feature film and Lauren and I were the first to see it!

Country StrongIn true Gossip Girl style, Leighton looked and sounded fabulous! I couldn’t believe the talent she brought to the big screen! Our fellow fashionista wasn’t the only star that shined…Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw lit up the screen too! Gwyneth played country star Kelly Canter, and I thought she was really believable as a country crooner! She can really sing and play the guitar!

Country StrongHer role went much deeper than entertainer though, she really dug deep to draw you into the life of an addict. The country star was battling addiction throughout the film and trying to make a comeback after her days of performing came to a traumatic hault. It was really intense!

Throughout the movie I found myself really rooting for her, despite her constant slip-ups. Her husband, James (Tim McGraw), is also a character I really fell in love with. He plays husband and manager to the country star and I really enjoyed him in the role!

Country StrongThe movie didn’t end the way I thought it would or hoped it had, but I would definitely recommend you check out the movie! The film was one of the best I have seen recently, and I think it may have even turned me on to country music!

I know those that joined us in the theater agreed too…everyone we talked to after the show raved about the film and the actors! Country Strong is full of strong performances!

I’ll keep it fabulous and keep you in the loop!


**DGGs received passes, courtesy of Allied Advertising


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