98.7 AMP Radio Kringle Jingle
Over the years, I have been to many concerts and I know some unexpected things happen…but I could not have imagined the events that took place at 98.7 AMP Radio’s Kringle Jingle! 

I was truly lucky I made it to the Royal Oak Music Theatre safely and on time for our interview with The Ready Set because the weather was horrible!  Jordan from The Ready Set was such a sweet guy.  He was very down to earth and excited to talk to Lauren and I.  Lauren heard his favorite thing about the holidays was enjoying Christmas cookies, so of course we had to bring some cookies to him.  He was completely surprised and excited for a sweet treat before he took the stage!

After our interview, The Ready Set played an amazing set and left the crowd wanting more!  The AMP Radio crew gave the crowd something they always go nuts for, which was T-SHIRTS!  There is something about t-shirts that people at concerts just go crazy for.  After the crowd scored some t-shirts, DJ Ryan Richards kept everyones’ energy up and got everyone even MORE excited for Jason Derulo…or so we thought!

98.7 AMP Radio Kringle JingleThe lights went low, and a couple took to the stage.  I had no idea what was going down, but before I knew it, the guy was telling his girlfriend how much he loved her and dropped to one knee!  I almost started to cry as he asked her to marry him!  I was not expecting a proposal at the Kringle Jingle, but it made the night extra special!  Once they both cried and hugged for a few moments, it was time for Jason Derulo to take the stage…or so I thought, once again!

98.7 AMP Radio Kringle JingleTo my surprise, Flo Rida took the stage!  AMP kept the big secret until Flo Rida was in the building!  The crowd went nuts, and so did I!  He performed a few songs and even went out into the crowd to get up close and personal with his fans.  He even took a ride on his buddy’s shoulders around the entire place…and kept singing the entire time!  I have never seen an artist do something so crazy, but it was awesome!

98.7 AMP Radio Kringle JingleFlo Rida had the crowd finally ready for Jason Derulo to take the stage!  The stage was dark besides a white light-up jacket!  It was Jason Derulo, looking fly and dancing like crazy.  I have not seen dance moves like that in a very long time!  He sang Riding Solo which is one of my personal favorites!  All the artists put on a great show and really kept everyone on the edge of their seats!  Special thanks to 98.7 AMP Radio for giving the Detroit’s Gossip Girls the awesome passes and to Jordan from The Ready Set!

Til next time, stay flawless and fabulous!


**DGGs received passes, courtesy of 98.7 AMP Radio


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