77% of students admit to having been bullied.  I know this subject far too well.  When asked to come on CW50’s community show, Street Beat, to share my encounters with bullying, I was more than willing. 

Being a target of bullying can literally feel like torture.  Stuck, misunderstood, and scared can become your everyday reality.   I was lucky; I had a support system behind me…friends and family that made me realize how bright my light was, regardless of attempts by my bullies.  Some kids don’t have that benefit. They lose hope, and recently there has been an outpour of young suicides resulted from bullying. 

Detroit’s Gossip Girls and CW50 refused to just stand there and watch.  We’ve immersed ourselves in doing what we can to bring awareness and reach out to those who may need help, but don’t know where to start. 

As a guest on Street Beat, I met Drew Yanke of Kids Empowered, a Michigan program that specializes in teaching kids, parents, and teachers how to deal with relational aggression, bullying, and mean-spirited behavior.  Their mission: To help boys and girls improve their confidence, self-esteem and health, learn life skills, and develop a positive self concept in a safe, supportive learning environment.

With organizations like Kids Empowered, community outreach like Street Beat, and constant PSAs from public figures, I have hope that “bullycide” will become non-existent, and those affected will realize how truly amazing they are.

If you’re reading this and you are being mistreated or bullied, please know that you are not alone.  I made it through, and now, I’m living my dream as a Detroit’s Gossip Girl.  You can do and be anything your heart desires!  Start now, by seeking the love, support, and help you deserve.  Log on to www.Cw50detroit.com for a list of tips and resources. 

You know I love YOU, XOXO

*Street Beat airs every Sunday at 11:30am  on CW50

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  1. Sullivan says:

    OMG who would a thought that you were ever BUL-Lied People saying bad untrue things about you, we saw your interview on the Street Beats this morning and could see how you were hurt and how you have overcome all those bad things done to you. This has helped a family member open up to us about their being bullied and how they plan on showing them instead of avoiding them. Thank you lauran for sharing your experience to help others. and your so pretty.

    1. Chib says:

      Thanks for srinahg. It is heartbreaking what happens every day to kids, makes me want to keep mine home and shelter them but I know that is not realistic. I will teach my kids they have a voice.

  2. Montri says:

    Thank you so much for coinmg over and your kind words! I am so very grateful to Deborah for adding visibility to my post. It is an area I feel very strongly about and am grateful to readers like you who add your voice.

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