DGGs at Hollyween
Halloween weekend is always a blast, but this year it was even more spooktacular at Hollyween at South Bar in Birmingham.  George Stager III and Astute Artistry put on an event that brought out the best in Metro Detroit!

George Stager III at HollyweenIf you know George, you know his events are always great, but this event was even bigger and better than before.  The event raised money for Karmanos while providing a fabulous time for locals!  The event was the hottest costume party in the city on Saturday, featuring a midnight fashion show.

I’ve worked with George before, so I was privileged to model in Saturday’s event.  Models at HollyweenMy day started early in the afternoon at Tre Bella V Salon in downtown Farmington.  I went there first to have my hair curls set, then I headed to Astute Artistry in Livonia to have my makeup done.  Every time someone from Astute has done my makeup, it has looked fantastic, so I knew I was in for a treat!  Sure enough, a woman named Princess gave me a gorgeous makeup look.

Silent Auction at HollyweenNext, I headed back to the salon to have my hair teased and styled.  Everyone modeling in the show was given a consistent look…BIG hair with a metallic or feathered adornment.  My hair came out bigger than ever before…..I loved it! (Although, as I was leaving to head to the show, my hair was so tall that I had a hard time fitting into my car!)

I arrived at South at 8:30, and the place was starting to fill already!  The other models and I gathered in the back dressing room and got settled in before heading out in the crowd to mingle.

Danielle and Lauren at HollyweenI went out to the bar area a little while later to meet up with my fellow DGGs and check out some of the creative and unique costumes.  I saw a group of people in Care Bear costumes, Gumbi and his horse, a chicken, and many other fun get-ups.  I mingled for a bit, checked out the silent auction, and then headed to the back room to get ready for the show.

Hollyween Make-upThe back room was crowded and buzzing with activity.  The other couture models and I were getting dressed in our beautiful gowns from Nahla’s Place, the special effects models were getting their wounds painted on and wings attached, and the body paint models were getting touched up and working on their best celebrity impersonations.  This show was going to be a mix of beautiful and scary.

We lined up for the show and got ready to strut our stuff for a cause at South Bar.

All of the models walked the catwalk showing off the hottest looks from Nahla’s Place and body paint and special effects make-up by Astute Artistry.  The show was amazing!  I especially loved striking a pose for Lauren and Danielle at the end of the runway!

I’ll keep it fabulous and keep you in the loop!


**DGGs received tickets, courtesy of George Stager III


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