Danielle & Lauren at Hollyween
The DGGs glammed it up for “Welcome to Hollyween” – a costume party inspired by the Hollywood industry that is making its way to Detroit.

Welcome to HollyweenOur very own Detroit’s Gossip Girl Bethany graced the runway in an amazing gown garnished with peacock feathers!  Every time I watch Bethany on the runway, I can’t take my eyes away…this girl is meant to strut!

The event was held at South in Birmingham, which happens to be my favorite Saturday night spot.  South has a bit of everything that makes for a fun night out.  When you arrive, there’s an instant feel of Miami with the front patio.  Step a little further inside, and you’re ready to have an elegant and chic dinner.  Even deeper inside the venue, there is a full nightclub, with another bar and dance floor…definitely the perfect choice for “Welcome to Hollyween.”

The costumes!

Snookie at HollyweenBeing that Detroit has some of the most creative people in the world, a costume party in the “D” cannot be beat!  My favorite of the night?  “Alan” from the film “The Hangover,” complete with a baby and beard.  He stayed in character the entire night, and I thought it was so perfect with the Hollywood theme to dress as one of tinsel-town’s  newest and  favorite characters.  Another stand-out? The cast of Jersey Shore…Snooky sightings all night!

The Peacock, the Fairy and the Bar Maid! 

Your DGGs were having too much fun this Halloween weekend, transforming every night into another fabulous character!  For “Hollyween,” I channeled Tinkerbell and became a fairy.  D was the cutest German beer girl ever, and of course, Bethany was the glamorous Peacock.

Not only was “Welcome to Hollyween” a great way to spend Halloween with the industry’s best, but over 800 dollars was raised for Karmanos Cancer Center in the silent auction…just another reason why the DGGs love a George Stager III event (partying with a cause is always the best way to go).

I don’t think the DGGs and I will ever forget the fun that was HALLOWEEN 2010!

Detroit’s Gossip Girls want to know:  What was your costume this Halloween? Did you spot the DGGs out on the town? Don’t forget to comment below and let us know!

You know you love me, XOXO

**DGGs received tickets, courtesy of George Stager III


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