Fashion Rocks
Flat 151 was the place to be last Saturday night! My lovely Detroit’s Gossip Girls and I were lucky enough to host Fashion Rocks!  The clothing was out of this world! 

I know this may surprise you, but I fell in love with the clothes from Wooden Hangers.  If you don’t already know, it’s a mens store in Royal Oak.  I told Bethany and Lauren I would love to buy each fashion off the line. and stuff it in a closet until I find a hot guy to dress!  There was not one look that I did not fall in love with. 

Now ladies, if you’re sick of having the same dress as every other girl at the club, you’re in luck.  Henry Spencer of Golden Hanger Designs knows how to make a woman look amazing.  Each dress he sent down the runway was different and something I have never seen before!  You must check out his website for all of his amazing dresses:

The fashion show was outstanding, but I also enjoyed the singing talent of Keeley!  She was so fun to watch, and her dancing was flawless!  I am excited to hear more of her music in the near future! 

A special thanks to Shalonda A who made me look outstanding for my hosting duties!  My make-up was so different, and everyone commented on how great it looked!  Til next time, stay flawless and fabulous…


**DGGs received tickets, courtesy of  Henry Spencer


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