A night of glam is what I experienced at Shoot for a Cure, which benefited the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center at Henry Ford Health System!  Art Van Furniture transformed their showroom into a miniature New York City! 

The event means a great deal to my family and I because my mother is living with a brain tumor.  We work hard each year to help make the event a great success! 

I have been to New York a few different times and Art Van’s Showplace made me feel as if I spent an evening in the city!  There was an Empire State Building around the bar area, and Lady Liberty herself surrounded by a sea of different types of candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar! 

Each showroom was decorated to fit a different part of New York! There was Soho, complete with top models, and Chinatown had lanterns hanging all around, Times Square had its own hot dog and pretzel cart!  As you walked into the event, there were dancing Rockettes showing off some of their moves, an opera singer in Little Italy, and of course, there was even a Central Park jogger making his way through the party! 

The entire event was top of the line, and I will never forget the Broadway show I watched…it was just amazing!  Check out the web diary (coming soon!) to see what else happened during my night! Til next time, stay flawless and fabulous!


**DGG Danielle works as a volunteer with the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center and received complimentary entry to this event


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