Fall is officially here!  The leaves are changing, a chill is in the air…and ghouls and goblins have come out to play!  🙂

Halloween was remarkable this year.  The DGGs started the weekend off in a show fit for a girl who is all about celebrating the holiday in style!  Detroit’s own Metro Times presented “Fashioned in Hell” at the Majestic Theatre downtown.

Not only were Detroit’s Gossip Girls invited, but we also graced the Halloween-inspired catwalk.   Danielle and Bethany took us back in time as Kelly Kapowski and Jessie Spano of my favorite show growing up, “Saved by the Bell.”  What a blast we had backstage reminiscing the early ‘90s.

Many local designers and boutiques participated in the “Fashioned in Hell” show.   Though all amazing, I must say, my designer took the cake!  Teaming up with Michigan-based Matthew Richmond and Fuze beverages, my dress was to die for!  Completely made of Fuze drink wrappings, I felt like the most branded and unique belle of the ball!  Matthew worked day and night to complete this Fuze-sponsored dress and it fit me like a glove!   I am honored to have worked with this talented designer. He was so dedicated to making the look pop, he even loaned me his mask of mirrors for the runway!  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so fierce!

Metro Times is known for throwing an unforgettable party, so I expected lots of thrill and surprises.  I was not disappointed, as fire breathers, vampires and leather-wearing devils took us on a journey that both amazed and frightened us!

The night ended with a best costume contest.  Then, we all lined up and danced perfectly in-sync to the choreography of Thriller 😉

**Thank you Maria Stella Jewett for everything! From the chaos backstage to greeting guests…You did it ALL with a smile and the cutest costume!***

If you didn’t make it to the hauntingly fabulous event, check out our DGG cam behind the scenes re-cap:

You know you love me, XOXO

**DGGs received tickets, courtesy of Metro Times
**Runway photos, courtesy of Bryant Franks

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