Spotted: Two fashionistas crowned the newest Detroit’s Gossip Girls!

Last night was intense. Not only was the episode of Gossip Girl full of scandal and suspense…but many people throughout metro Detroit were glued in front of the television to find out which 2 ladies would be the new Detroit’s Gossip Girls alongside me.

I was definitely among those anxious viewers. Even though I would be making the announcement, the judges were quite secretive in even letting me know the final outcome. Instead of stating the winners names I simply said “these two ladies” ….so when the commercial aired, I was just as nervous as the top 15 finalists (who by the way were ALL amazing).

And the winners are…

Bethany: I’ve only met this gorgeous girl once when she interviewed me as a finalist, but I was so comfortable around her and we definitely clicked. I’m so excited to get to know her and “rule the town” with this fashionable jet setter.

Danielle: popular demand…D is back! Of course, I jumped out of my seat when I saw her face hit the screen next to mine! She’s become one of my closest friends. We had such a blast last year and I know this time around, with Bethany, it’s sure to be another unbelievable experience!

Let the DGG adventures begin!!

You know you love us, XOXO!



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