I cannot even express all the emotions I was feeling!  I have never had more butterflies in my stomach than I did last Monday night.  Gossip Girl was amazing as always, but as each commercial break approached, the butterflies grew stronger.

Finally, right when what seemed like the longest Gossip Girl episode in history was about to come to a close, I saw a familiar face flash on the screen!  Lauren looked beautiful (as always), and I knew she about about to announce the winners!

I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for, right as I saw Bethany appear…then I saw my face!  I jumped out of bed and started to scream!

The top fifteen were tough competition and had great interviews!  I was just so excited to have the chance to be one of your Detroit’s Gossip Girls again!  All my butterflies dissipated and I was consumed with happiness!

I would like to thank everyone who voted and supported me over the last few weeks!  I promise to do my best to get all the deets on all the amazing things that happen in our great city! Check back soon to read about all the juicy details from our upcoming photo shoot with Brian Health.  Til next time, stay flawless and fabulous….



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