When Mom Says The Garlic Bread Is Ready
(used with permission)
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CW50 Street Team Visits International Fest in CantonA variety of cultures were well represented at the International Festival in Canton. The festival was inside the annual Liberty Fest. About 40,000 attendees came out to support their community.
2017 Ann Arbor Art FairThe CW50 Street Team headed out for another weekend at the wonderful Ann Arbor Art Fair! Though it was very hot and humid, the crowd did not disappoint.
Street Beat: Diversity And The MediaThis week on Street Beat, host Amyre Makupson looks at the major concerns that the Latino, Jewish, African American and Muslim communities have about how they’re portrayed or characterized in the Media. Guests include Steve Spreitzer, President and CEO of The Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion; Terry Beltran, President of Beltran Media (Latina); David Kurzmann, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council/American Jewish Committee (Jewish); Fatima Salman, board member of Michigan Muslim Community Council, (Indian/Asian-American and Muslim) and Yusef Shakur, the co-Director of Programs of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion (African American). Spreitzer will be in each segment to share how The Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion is helping these organizations address their concerns.
Michigan Matters: Detroit 1967 Web ExtraThe Detroit 1967 Roundtable recalls the uprising that shook the city for 5 days. It's 50 years later and the ripples are still being felt.
When Mom Says The Garlic Bread Is Ready(used with permission)
Street Beat: Arts And CultureThis week on Street Beat, host Lisa Germani talks about arts and culture in metro Detroit. Her guests include Maureen Riley, the Executive Director of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original; Hillary Brody, the Brand & Community Strategist for CultureSource; Andrea Scobie, the Manager of Education & Community Programs For the Michigan Opera Theatre; and Janice Blixt, Producing Artistic Director/director/actor, and Lee Palmer, actor; from the Michigan Shakespeare Festival.

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