Best Places For A Boston Cooler In Detroit

May 2, 2014 4:59 PM

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By George Fox

You may think a Boston Cooler has a connection to the city in Massachusetts. Nope. If you ask for one there they’ll probably look confused. Some call it a Detroit Cooler, but that’s just weird.

The blended ice cream and Vernors drink is credited to Sanders Confectionery founder Fred Sanders in Detroit. A proper Boston Cooler should have the consistency of a thick milkshake and contain 3 parts vanilla ice cream to 1 part Vernor’s ginger ale. When possible ask for Stroh’s vanilla for Detroit authenticity, but between us — a premium soft serve ice cream is totally fine. Here’s a list of five places in Metro Detroit to get a good Boston Cooler.

Mercury Burger Bar

2163 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 964-5000

Located next to the abandoned train station is this trendy bar and grill. In addition to amazing burgers, salads and delicious poutine and garlic fries you can get an amazing Boston Cooler in an actual glass. The menu says they’re $5.

Mootown Ice Cream & Dessert Shoppe

2461 Russell St
Detroit, MI 48207
Eastern Market
(313) 393-6016

Mootown … get it? Ha ha ha. Grab a slice of pizza from Supino and get your Boston Cooler at Mootown. This family-owned establishment has been at Eastern Market for ages. They also have a gift shop and they serve Hudsonville and a cooler full of Faygo as well. They have limited hours: open Tues-Sat – 11a-5p (Dec-March), Tues-Sat – 11a-8p (April-Nov).

Doug’s Delight

24110 John R Rd
Hazel Park, MI 48030
(248) 541-2330

Get a really good coney and wash it down with a soft serve variety Boston Cooler. It’s not on the menu, but don’t worry, they’ll know what to do. Bring cash. They don’t accept credit cards.

Stroh’s Ice Cream Parlor

3659 W Maple Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
(248) 647-7660

Get the classic Detroiter ice cream brand Stroh’s in this Boston Cooler. This shop has been in business for more than 45 years. It’s a friendly place “where everyone knows your name.” Owners Paul and Tino might actually greet you by name if you visit regularly.

Sanders Candy Shop

37702 6 Mile Rd
Livonia, MI 48152
(734) 591-2147

Pay homage to the originator of the ice cream soda, Fred Sanders and get a Boston Cooler here. Pick up a jar of hot fudge while you’re there. It’s the best in the world. This location inside Laurel Park Mall is one of 9 in Southeast Michigan.

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Dairy Freezzz

24806 Van Dyke Ave
Center Line, MI 48015
(586) 754-0480

A classic ice cream stand, their motto is “Dairy Freezzz ‘It’s Worth The Weight’!!!” They’re right. Some things are worth putting on a pound or two. You might just have to do a couple extra crunches to burn it off.

George Fox is a Spartan, a Michigander, and Web Producer for CBS 62/CW50 in Detroit. When I’m not working on content for the CBS Local websites, I’m probably hanging out on the boat, at deer camp or spending quality time with the fam. Follow George on Twitter @GeorgeJFox.

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