Little Girl Mistaking Water Heater For Robot Will Melt Your HeartThis 24-second clip uploaded to YouTube is the #2 trending spot as of the time of this post and is pretty much the most adorable thing you've ever seen.
Tiger Fight Scares The Bejesus Out Of Toddler At Dublin ZooA Dublin tyke got a dose of nature at its most terrifying as seen on a cellphone video being shared all over the internet.
Musical Marble Machine Will Rock Your Steampunk Socks OffA video promoting the 2016 tour for Swedish band Wintergatan has gone viral featuring 2000 marbles and a fantastical
Tiny Hamster's Tiny Barbecue Video Kicks Off Your 4th Of July WeekJust in time for your Independence Day festivities Saturday, Hello Denizen has posted its latest Tiny Hamster episode.
Acrobatic Intruder Caught On Surveillance VideoIt's the cutest breaking and entering video you've seen unless you have arachnophobia.
Viral Video Crew Buys College Student's TextbooksPoor college students will be envious of this viral experiment. What would you say if someone offered to pay for all of your college textbooks for a semester.
'The Christmas Jumpers' Amateur Dance Crew Goes Hard In Viral Sweater AdSainsbury's one of UK's largest retailers, posted a video online promoting their line of novelty Christmas sweaters with a top notch amateur hip-hop dance number to a dubstep remix of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies."
Viral: This Dearborn Toddler Keeps Saying 'I Smell Like Beef'When an adult says "I smell like beef" on social media it's usually because their Facebook page has been hijacked by a nefarious friend or co-worker.
Wakeboarding In A Ditch Goes Surprisingly WellGetting towed on a wakeboard by a pickup truck through flooded Ohio farmland should be the setup for an epic fail and a trip to the hospital.
Ice JJ Fish's 'On The Floor' Just Trumped 'It's So Cold In The D' By Tbaby In RidiculousnessThe latest YouTube sensation is here. Aurora, Illinois native Ice JJ Fish has been posting videos online for quite a few years, but his recent creations have rocketed him into Internet stardom.

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