Watch The People Mover Route In 5 Vine VideosThe Detroit People mover offers some awesome views of the city.
Thank Goodness Tyra Banks Is Back On VineAbout 7 months ago, at the launch of her makeup line, Tyra Banks stopped making crazy Vine videos. She's back!
Viral: This Dearborn Toddler Keeps Saying 'I Smell Like Beef'When an adult says "I smell like beef" on social media it's usually because their Facebook page has been hijacked by a nefarious friend or co-worker.
Kanye West Debuts 'I Am a God' At NYC Met Gala, All Hell Breaks LooseKanye West debuted his new song, presumably titled "I Am a God" on Monday (May 6) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) Gala. While he piqued fans' interests with the song's lyrics, the devil is in the details.

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