Street Beat: Housing IssuesOn Saturday, July 18th, Street Beat host Karen Carter finds out about organizations that help people with housing issues.
WATCH Street Beat: Memorial DayThis week on Street Beat, host Jim Johnson from WOMC salutes Memorial Day with a special show dedicated to veterans.
1,317,303 Reasons To Celebrate Memorial DayMemorial Day honors all of those special men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The number 1,317,303 represents those individuals who gave their lives between the years 1775 and 2011.
Street Beat: Veterans and Memorial DayThis week on Street Beat, Jim Johnson from 104.3 WOMC hosts an episode dedicated to veterans.
WATCH NOW - Street Beat: Multiculturalism & LiteracyThis week on Street Beat, Host Syma Chowdhry learns about the several events supporting multiculturalism and literacy.

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