Buck & Coop Trending In The D: Krispie Wreaths, Steal Our GiftsBuck is getting a lot of slack for his original creation, the Rice Krispie Wreath.
Trending In The D: Coop's Baby, Buck's Delivery Dilemma Congratulations to Coop! He's a proud new father-to-be. April 15 is the due date. If you want to know the sex of the baby and the name, which is a little unusual -- text "baby" to 70121.
Trending In The D: Save The Sled, Weird Laws, Kringle JinglePlay Buck & Coop Save The Sled. You'll win money for each one of those reindeer you get off the roof safely. Monday morning, they'll do it again at 7:15. Text "LAW" to 70121 to read crazy laws. Kringle Jingle is happening! Ryan Beatty, Conor Maynard, Rita Ora, The Cab and Neon Trees are going to be there. Listen to Buck & Coop for your chance to score tickets.
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