Fight or Flight - ReignMary realizes she must help Catherine in her quest to become regent, even at the risk of hurting the alliance with Scotland.
In a Clearing - ReignGrateful for a future with a revived Francis, Mary considers signing away her claim to the English throne, and staying in France forever.
The Price - ReignAfter Mary receives an urgent message from her ailing mother about the dire situation in Scotland, she finds herself looking to Francis for aid.
Extreme Measures - ReignWhen King Antoine unexpectedly returns to Court, Mary must help Francis hide his weakening condition long enough to secure his family's future.
Betrothed - ReignElizabeth must deal with the political backlash of harboring Catherine in England, while Catherine is imprisoned upon her return to France.
Three Queens, Two Tigers - Reign
Burn - Reign
Fugitive - Reign
The Siege - Reign
Reversal of Fortune - Reign
Abandoned - Reign
Tempting Fate - Reign
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