Patient X - Beauty and the Beast
Both Sides Now - Beauty and the Beast
Chasing Ghosts - Beauty and the Beast
Heart of the Matter - Beauty and the Beast
Cat and Vincent Take the Next Step - Beauty and the Beast
CW50 Social Celeb Update: Cute Animal Obsession
Operation Fake Date - Beauty and the BeastDesperate to start over with Cat, Gabe tries to woo her by taking her on a romantic date. However, she has plans of her own regarding how to save Vincent – while also trying to plan Heather’s bachelorette party.
Cold Case - Beauty and the BeastCat’s sister Heather drops by for a surprise visit at the worst possible time, just as Gabe suspends Cat and Tess from the squad in an effort to force Vincent out of hiding.
The CW Stars' August BirthdaysHappy birthday to you Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, Mamie Gummer, Nicole Gale-Anderson and the rest of The CW stars who were born in August.
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