Motor City Musing

Aging in Reverse

Living In Reverse Like Brad Pitt’s Benjamin Button

Blogger Vicki Briganti wonders what life would be like if she could travel back in time and undo some decisions she’s made.


Yamaha Riva 125

Motorcycle Helmet Law: Where Do You Stand?

Blogger Vicki Briganti celebrates the last day of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month by charging up her scooter battery and wearing her helmet.


Famous Dave's

Love Letter To Metro Detroit Famous Dave’s BBQ

Blogger Vicki Briganti can’t help getting piggy with it when it comes to delicious BBQ. Famous Dave’s is some of the best in metro Detroit. You should consider joining the Piggy Club.


Mallard Duck

A Mallard Backyard Bird: Is It Elvis Or Justin Bieber?

Blogger Vicki Briganti delights in the presence of a mallard on top of her pool cover in her backyard. Have you ever had any interesting wild animals in your yard?


Mother's Day

Follow Mom’s Advice On Mother’s Day

Blogger Vicki Briganti examines her relationship with her mom and wonders if she should follow her advice.


The Five-Year Engagement

Ann Arbor And The University Of Michigan Star In The Five-Year Engagement

Blogger Vicki Briganti attends an advanced screening of the new movie The Five-Year Engagement starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. Many of the scenes were shot in Ann Arbor and at the University of Michigan. Go blue!


Nicholas Sparks

From The Notebook To The Lucky One, Nicholas Sparks Equals Chick Flick

Blogger Vicki Briganti reviews the new Nicholas Sparks movie The Lucky One, opening in theatres on April 20th.


LA Complex

LA Complex Premiere: Rent, Melrose and Entourage Have Love Child

Blogger Vicki Briganti reviews the CW’s summer drama, The L.A. Complex. Is it good enough to watch every Tuesday night for six weeks?


Broadcast Excellence Awards

CW50 Receives Broadcast Excellence Awards

Blogger Vicki Briganti recognizes the achievements of her co-workers as they win MAB awards.


Friends with Kids movie review

Friends With Kids Makes Kristen Wiig Cry

Blogger Vicki Briganti attends the advanced screening of the film Friends with Kids. Should you see it this weekend?