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Attorney Mike Morse and Marcus Davenport, the Principal of Edison Elementary School, discuss Morris’ backpack giveaway for over 22,000 elementary students in Detroit Public Schools with Street Beat host Karen Carter. (credit: Ken Bryant Jr./CW50)

Street Beat Preview: Back To School

Street Beat host Karen Carter finds out what parents need to know to get their children ready to go back to school.



CW50 Street Team and First Forecast visit Ann Arbor Art Fair

The Ann Arbor Art Fair is a huge event that features artists from around the globe. This year, the weather couldn’t have been better.


Street Beat host Karen Carter finds out about organizations that help people with housing issues Ryan Hertz, the President and CEO of South Oakland Shelter, and Rita Fields, a former client and current board member of S.O.S. explain what the shelter does to help the  homeless.  
(credit: Sydney Bowden/CW50)

Street Beat: Housing Issues

On Saturday, July 18th, Street Beat host Karen Carter finds out about organizations that help people with housing issues.


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Street Beat: Earth Day, Rain And Weather

Karen Carter celebrates Earth Day by discussing conservation and ecological topics with area experts.


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Street Beat: Disability Issues

This week on Street Beat, host Karen Carter looks at people and organizations who are making a difference for those with physical challenges.


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Street Beat: Year End Tips For Home, Family And Business

This week on Street Beat, host Karen Carter picks up a few tips to start your new year right.



Street Team and the Flash walk for Autism Speaks

Thousands of feet pounded against the floors of Ford Field as parents and children participated in the 2014 Walk Now for Autism Speaks, October 12. The objective of the fundraiser is to pool funds for autism research, as […]


Walk Now For Autism Speaks

Street Beat: Autism

Host Karen Carter looks at how an autism diagnosis affects families and where those families can go for some much-needed support.


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First Forecast Weather Launches On CW50

A familiar face returns to CW50. First Forecast Chief Meteorologist Jim Madaus will make his debut on CW50, Monday, September 23.


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Guide To The Ann Arbor Art Fair

Attracting more than 500,000 art lovers from all over the country and the world, it’s consistently rated as one of the best art fairs in the US.