Jason Rothenberg

How A Philosophy Course Based On 'The 100' Came To Be At Carnegie MellonWhen the name of a TV show appears in the title of a required course in your college major of course it's an attention-grabber.
16 Impressive Submissions For 'The 100' Season 3 Poster Contest"The 100" Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg asked for posters for season 3 and boy did the fans deliver.
'The 100' EP Jason Rothenberg Tweets Greusome Grounder Cosplay InspirationI've never made my own costumes, but I respect the people who do and I'm intrigued by the concept. If I ever made cosplay it would have to be Sauron from LOTR.
Sneak Peek At 'The 100' Finale: We Are Grounders - Part IIGrounders! The season finale of "The 100" is upon us and it looks like an exciting ... and deadly finish.
Watch Raven Threaten To Cut Bellamy In This Clever 'The 100' Crack Video
'The 100' Ark PSA Is Perfectly CreepyThis doesn't sound ominous at all.
Dang! 'The 100' Murphy's Law Trailer Is DarkThe CW released a trailer for an upcoming episode of "The 100" and wow -- it's edgy.
'The 100' Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg Has Motor City RootsHe's not a household name yet, but Jason Rothenberg will be on a screen near you soon -- in a manner of speaking.
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