Chapter Seventy-One - Jane the VirginJane is excited for her first book tour and brings Xo along for fun, but Alba (Ivonne Coll) decides last minute that she is going as well.
Chapter Sixty-Nine - Jane the VirginWhen Adam reveals his dating past to Jane, the information puts a strain on their relationship.
Chapter Sixty-Eight - Jane the VirginWhen Jane learns that Rafael introduced Mateo to his new girlfriend, Katherine, without her consent she gets angry since she thinks Katherine has a negative influence on both Rafael and Mateo.
Chapter Sixty-Six - Jane the VirginJane’s burgeoning relationship with Adam helps bring out her fun side and reminds her that she isn’t just a mom.
Chapter Sixty-Five - Jane the VirginWhen Jane is reunited with her first love, Adam, she is shocked but happy to see him, however Xo and Alba are less thrilled that he is back.
Chapter Sixty-Two - Jane the VirginJane has to learn how to handle her new love life, especially when the guy she is dating introduces her to his grandmother.
Chapter Fifty-Nine - Jane the VirginJane is finally ready to get back in the dating game so she enlists the help of Rafael and Petra, but it seems they have their own issues to work on.
No Love Like Puppy Love - National Puppy DayMarch 23rd in National Puppy Day!
Chapter Fifty-Eight - Jane the VirginJane feels guilty that she isn’t around for Mateo as much as she would like, so she decides to run for Room Mom against none other than perfect mom, Petra.
Season Finale DateDon't miss your favorite CW Show's season finales.
Chapter Fifty-Seven - Jane the VirginWhen Jane messes up at Mateo’s school, Petra convinces Jane to help with the preschool fundraiser to get in the good graces of the preschool’s director.
Chapter Fifty-Four – Jane the VirginWhen Jane realizes that she and Michael are both stressed out, they decide to recreate their first date to help them relax.

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