Chapter Forty-OneJane takes on additional shifts at the Marbella to make some extra money, but it starts cutting into her time with Mateo.
Chapter Forty - Jane the VirginWith Jane and Xo still dealing with the fallout from Jane’s bachelorette party, Jane is now left with finding someone to watch Mateo.
Chapter Thirty-Nine - Jane the VirginJane has a specific idea of how she wants to celebrate her bachelorette party, but when Xo and Lina get involved, nothing goes as planned.
Chapter Thirty-Six - Jane the VirginJane and Michael are back together and Jane wishes she had never left Michael in the first place.
Chapter Thirty-Eight - Jane the VirginJane and Michael’s wedding plans are side tracked when the Villanueva house is ruined by a flood.
Gina Rodriguez Gave Her Awards Show Dress To A Fan For PromIt's a magical story where wishes come true. Jessica Casanova of Buffalo NY Tweeted her desire to wear Gina Rodriguez's Golden Globes dress and the rest is history.
Chapter Thirty-Seven - Jane the VirginRafael and Petra are new parents but Petra is already back to work and appears to be not interested in motherhood.
Chapter Thirty-Two - Jane The VirginIn the middle of the night, Jane gets a burst of creative energy and starts her thesis. Unfortunately, Mateo spills orange juice all over her computer causing it to crash and Jane loses all her hard work.
Gina Rodriguez Launches #MovementMonday To Support Latinos In The Media
CW Stars Win Big At People's Choice, Golden Globes And More
Chapter Thirty - Jane the VirginJane and Rafael are still at odds with each other as they are about to celebrate Mateo’s first Christmas.
Chapter Twenty-Nine - Jane the VirginJane and Rafael interview potential babysitters to help take some of the pressure off everyone, but Jane has specific and lengthy requirements.

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