Chapter Fifty-Four – Jane the VirginWhen Jane realizes that she and Michael are both stressed out, they decide to recreate their first date to help them relax.
Chapter Fifty-One - Jane the VirginWhen Alba makes Jane feel guilty for not attending church, Jane decides she wants to bring Mateo against Rafael’s wishes.
Chapter Fifty - Jane the VirginWhen Jane’s cousin unexpectedly shows up at her door, Jane questions her own less than spontaneous life.
Chapter Forty-Nine - Jane the VirginJane convinces Alba to let her read the letters from her estranged sister, but under the condition, Jane doesn’t reach out to her family.
Chapter Forty-Eight - Jane the VirginJane and Michael’s housewarming party in their new home hits a snag when they discover they are being evicted for not paying their rent.
Chapter Forty-Five - Jane the VirginJane discovers that Michael was shot and finds herself having to make difficult choices.
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Chapter Forty-Three - Jane the VirginJane has made big plans to celebrate Mateo’s first birthday, but things start to fall apart when she learns there might be an issue with her wedding venue.
Chapter Forty-OneJane takes on additional shifts at the Marbella to make some extra money, but it starts cutting into her time with Mateo.
Chapter Forty - Jane the VirginWith Jane and Xo still dealing with the fallout from Jane’s bachelorette party, Jane is now left with finding someone to watch Mateo.
Chapter Thirty-Nine - Jane the VirginJane has a specific idea of how she wants to celebrate her bachelorette party, but when Xo and Lina get involved, nothing goes as planned.
Chapter Thirty-Six - Jane the VirginJane and Michael are back together and Jane wishes she had never left Michael in the first place.

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