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Fight Crime: Invest in Kids' K.P. Pelleran and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon explain the importance of early childhood education to Street Beat Host Rob Stone. (credit: Brandon Patton/CW50)

Street Beat: Crime Prevention

Rob Stone will take a look at some of the ways we can prevent crime with area experts.



Cheering In The D

Since the age of nine, I’ve been a part of the Detroit PAL organization. I started out as a cheer leader for the Eastside Colts and later joined the Eastside Raiders, two of the football […]



Ambitious Local Filmmakers Release Film Made Entirely On $700 Budget

Imagine this: a horror movie, shot in 45 days, here in Metro Detroit, by the hands of local talented filmmakers…all on a budget of $700. Sounds pretty crazy, right? The film titled “Stranger” was put together by a small group of ambitious, local filmmakers with a love for filmmaking. They combined their passion with a very small budget and transformed it into a film that showcases the talent that Metro Detroit possesses.