Freakshow - DC’s Legends of TomorrowThe Legends find themselves in 1870 to fix the anachronism which happens to be at P.T. Barnum’s fledgling circus.
Raiders of the Lost Art - DC’s Legends of TomorrowWhen Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn try to capture Rip Hunter in 1967, they create an Aberration big enough to draw the attention of the Legends.
Out of Time - DC's Legends of TomorrowAfter the defeat of the immortal villain Vandal Savage and the exposure of the corrupt Time Masters, a new threat emerges.
Aruba - DC’s Legends of TomorrowAs the Legends are about to take off for their next destination, a massive timequake rocks the ship.
Doomworld - DC’s Legends of TomorrowAfter obtaining the Spear of Destiny, the Legion of Doom rewrites reality, leaving the Legends changed, perhaps forever.
No Love Like Puppy Love - National Puppy DayMarch 23rd in National Puppy Day!
Fellowship of the Spear - DC’s Legends of TomorrowThe Legends must devise a plan to retrieve the last remaining fragments of the Spear of Destiny from the Legion of Doom.
Season Finale DateDon't miss your favorite CW Show's season finales.
Moonshot - DC's Legends of TomorrowWhen the Legends track Commander Steel to NASA Headquarters in 1970, they learn where Nate’s grandfather hid the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny.
Land of the Lost - DC’s Legends of TomorrowAfter capturing Rip, he forces the Waverider to crash, leaving the Legends stuck seventy million years in the past.
Shogun- DC’s Legends of TomorrowNate is shocked to learn that he has powers but then accidentally lands himself and Ray in Feudal Japan.
The Justice Society of America - DC’s Legends of TomorrowThe Legends travel to Nazi-occupied Paris, but find themselves surrounded by the Justice Society of America The Legends discover a time aberration that threatens the JSA, but the JSA wants nothing to do with them or their help.

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