It’s a Wonderful Beast - Beauty and the BeastVincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat realize they have to go into hiding now that someone is out to kill Vincent.
Something’s Gotta Give - Beauty and the BeastWhile working to uncover who is after Vincent, Cat discovers she might be pregnant.
Down for the Count - Beauty and the BeastWhile attempting to be normal newlyweds, Cat and Vincent grapple with how to overcome the danger lurking.
Beast Interrupted - Beauty and the BeastAs Cat and Vincent hunt for a black market buyer searching for beasts, they have to protect an heiress whose identity was exposed.
Destined - Beauty and the Beast
Patient X - Beauty and the Beast
Sins of the Fathers - Beauty and the Beast
Unbreakable - Beauty and the Beast
Shotgun Wedding - Beauty and the Beast
Chasing Ghosts - Beauty and the Beast
Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat - Beauty and the BeastWhen two married agents from the FBI take over an investigation, Cat and Vincent hope they are seeing a future version of themselves but fear their work schedules are jeopardizing their relationship.
The Beast of Wall Street - Beauty and the Beast

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