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Cheap Chic | Back-to-School Shoes (Under $26)

Whether you are going to back to school or not, it’s almost that time of year when everyone is slowly starting to transition into fall, plus it’s a great time to get really good deals. Today, I found eight awesome deals, on some really great shoes, and all for under $25!!



Gearing Up at the 8th Annual Backpack Music Festival

If summers winding down then that only means one thing… back to school! However, the 8th annual Backpack Music Festival on Belle Isle provided a unique way for parents and their kids to get ready for the upcoming [...]


(credit: TylerBarberMusic)

Teen Vogue’s ‘Back At It’ Event Showcases Back To School Lifestyle

The back to school season is quickly approaching. Get advice on stylish and confident looks for the new school year.



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