Arsenio Hall

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Carrot Top Brings A Kardashian Baby To The Arsenio Hall Show

Carrot Top brought out his trunk of tricks and unleashed the funny on Arsenio’s show.


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The Wayne Shorter Quartet Performs “Starry Night” Featuring Esperanza Spalding

The Wayne Shorter Quartet took things to another level with a little help from Esperanza Spalding.


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Raheem DeVaughn Performs “Ridiculous”

Raheem DeVaugn closes Wednesday’s Arsenio Hall show out with a special performance of ‘Ridiculous’ with The Posse.


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Ron Isley Ft. KEM Performs “My Favorite Thing”

Ron Isley and Kem performance of ‘My Favorite Thing’ on The Arsenio Hall Show.


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Thompson Square Performs on The Arsenio Hall Show

Husband and wife duo Thompson Square closed the show out with “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About.”


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Gogol Bordello Performs on Arsenio Hall

Gogol Bordello brings gypsy punk to The Arsenio Hall Show.


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Achy Breaky Heart with Billy Ray Cyrus & Fred Durst!

Yes, this really happened. Billy Ray Cyrus closed the show out with ‘Achy Breaky Heart,’ as Fred Durst went wild on the cowbell.


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“Vanilla Ice” Returns To the Arsenio Hall Show

At Arsenio’s request, Max Greenfield revisits his impression of Vanilla Ice from ArScheerio Paul. Spoiler alert: he dances.


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Mayer Hawthorne Performance on the Arsenio Hall Show

Detroit Native, Mayer Hawthorne rocked it out Thursday night on THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW. Mayer Hawthorne gets things going with “Her Favorite Song.” Mayer Hawthorne, who’s real name is Andrew Mayer Cohen, grew up in […]


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Arsenio and Kareem Abdul Jabbar Attack Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil has something that Arsenio wants back, and Arsenio will stop at nothing to get it back.