LL Cool J Still Has It!
YG, Jeezy, and Rich Homie Quan turn it out with "My Hitta."
Rapper's Delight on Arsenio HallArsenio closed out his old school hip hop show with Rapper's Delight performing a medley of "La La Song," their legendary hit "Rapper's Delight," featuring Chuck D, Luther Campbell, and DJ Spinderella. Even Olympic figure skater Jason Brown got in on the action.
Smokey Shares His Experience With MLK in Motown"He was regal." That's what Smokey Robinson said about MLK, Monday Night on the THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW. Smokey shared his experience meeting Martin Luther King back in '63 at Hitsville USA.
Detroit Comedian J. Chris Newberg Kills It On ArsenioJ Chris Newberg brings a fresh point of view and style to Arsenio's stage, and he absolutely kills it.
Flo Rida Performs "How I Feel"Flo Rida closes out a huge show the only way possible, as he kills it with "How I Feel."
Mayim Bialik: Big Bang Fell In My LapMayim Bialik had never seen "The Big Bang Theory" when she auditioned for the show. Arsenio found out how she got the gig.
Atlas Genius Performs "If So"
Bernhoft Performs "Wind You Up"Neo soul one man band extraordinaire Bernhoft blew the roof off this place all by himself.
Get to know Carrot TopArsenio's been dying to know where Arsenio gets all his props, and tonight he found out.
Carrot Top Brings A Kardashian Baby To The Arsenio Hall ShowCarrot Top brought out his trunk of tricks and unleashed the funny on Arsenio's show.
The Wayne Shorter Quartet Performs "Starry Night" Featuring Esperanza SpaldingThe Wayne Shorter Quartet took things to another level with a little help from Esperanza Spalding.

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