Brotherhood - ArrowTeam Green Arrow’s ongoing battle with Damien Darhk is complicated by a shocking revelation.
Lost Souls - ArrowFelicity is frantic when she learns that Ray is alive and being held by Damien Darhk.
Haunted - ArrowWhen things take a turn for the worse with Sara, Oliver calls in a favor from an old friend who deals in the mystical, John Constantine.
Beyond Redemption - ArrowLaurel must deal with the repercussions of taking Sara to Nanda Parbat.
Restoration - Arrowhe growing tension between Oliver and Diggle puts both their lives at risk when they go after Damien Darhk and a H.I.V.E. deployed meta-human.
The Candidate - ArrowWhen an old family friend, Jessica Danforth, tells Oliver and Thea that she is going to run for mayor, both Queens are concerned considering the last three mayors have been murdered.
Green Arrow - Arrow
Screen Junkies Panel Unanimously Names 'The Flash' The Best Superhero Show On TVCan you guess which superhero show bested "Gotham", "Arrow", "Agents of Sheild" and "Daredevil"? According to Screen Junkies guest panel it's none other than The CW's "The Flash".
Ah Sah-Him - Arrow
The Fallen - Arrow
'Arrow' Season 4 Trailer Highlights: Olicity In Love, Diggle's Costume And Damien DarhkFans have been clamoring for a glimpse into season 4 and here it is.
Arrow Season 4 Poster Shows Off Tactical Armor Look For Oliver QueenOliver Queen is sporting an upgraded suit in the season 4 poster. "Aim. Higher." is the tag.
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