Street Beat: National Reading MonthThis week on Street Beat, March is National Reading Month so host Lisa Germani looks at the importance of literacy.
Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 3/19Music is practically the heartbeat of our city. Check out the playlist and maybe you'll find a new artist to fuel the rest of your week!
Street Beat - Gift of LifeThis week on Street Beat, host Lisa Germani looks at several ways you can save a life.
Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 3/12The temps are still cold, but this week's playlist might just be the warm up you're looking for. Check out new music featured this week!
Amazing Grace - DC’s Legends of TomorrowWhen the Legends learn that a mysterious tragedy destroyed Memphis in 1954, thus eradicating the birthplace of rock and roll, they embark on their most important mission to save music.
Brainless in Seattle, Part 1 - iZombieLove is in the air after Liv eats the brains of a hopeless romantic, and she can’t stop herself from meddling in Clive’s relationship.
Run, Iris, Run - The FlashTeam Flash confront a new bus meta, Matthew AKA Melting Pot, who has the ability to swap people’s DNA. During a battle with Team Flash, Matthew accidentally takes Barry’s speed away and gives it to Iris.
The Book of Revelations - Black LightingBlack Lightning works with Anissa to help find information to clear Black Lightning’s name.
Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood - RiverdaleAfter learning that his dad is considering running for mayor of Riverdale, Archie begins to grow concerned that the Lodges may have found their newest pawn in Fred.
Re-Inventing the Abbotts - Life SentenceWhen the INS unexpectedly shows up to Stella and Wes’ apartment to check the legitimacy of their marriage, they realize that they need to defend their marriage or Wes might be deported back to London.
Tough Mudder: Tougher TogetherAn in-depth look at the personal challenges, heartbreaks, and triumphs of three teams of Tough Mudder participants as they set out to test their abilities to their limits and transform themselves through the Tough Mudder experience.
All for Nothing - ArrowOliver continues his battle with Cayden James.

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