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Street Beat goes behind the headlines to focus on community issues and stories of interest to Metro Detroit presented in an upbeat mix of in-studio interviews and pre-produced packages by a crew of local people dedicated to improving our city. Contact Street Beat via email.

Watch Street Beat Saturdays at 8:30 a.m.


Street Beat: Teen Issues

Being a teenager is a challenging time in any young adult’s life. Thats why this week on Street Beat, host Jill Washburn talks with organizations who are combating issues like bullying and discrimination.


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Street Beat: Service Animals

This week on Street Beat, host Jill Washburn finds out how man’s best friend is also one of man’s best


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Street Beat Special: How Will The Affordable Care Act Affect You?

A big part of healthcare reform goes into effect just days from now, when the healthcare exchange marketplace opens Tuesday, October 1st. Are you ready?


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Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention

African American kids and young adults will see comic book characters that look like them during the “Motor City Black of Age Comics” convention


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Street Beat: Deaf Celebration Day, Detroit Revitalization

This week on Street Beat, host Rob Stone talks about the upcoming Deaf Celebration Day and some of the positive things happening in Detroit.



Street Beat: Autism Awareness

This week Street Beat host Rob Stone takes an in depth look at autism.


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Street Beat: Babies and Safe Sleep

This week on Street Beat, it’s an overview of infant care as host Jill Washburn talks to experts about the first few months of parenthood.


Ngum Suh, sister of Detroit Lion Ndamukong Suh and President of the Ndamukong Suh Family Foundation
(Credit: CW50)

Street Beat: Back To School

Host Roxanne Steele from 97.1 AMP Radio goes back to school on this week’s Street Beat to discover helping children with the basic necessities as well as those providing educational enrichment.



Street Beat: Alternative Education

This week on Street Beat, Host Jill Washburn looks at programs that provide learning experiences for students inside and outside the traditional school system.


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Street Beat: Walking For A Cause

This week on Street Beat, Host Rob Stone from 99.5 WYCD looks at four ways people are doing community service by walking for a cause.



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