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Street Beat goes behind the headlines to focus on community issues and stories of interest to Metro Detroit presented in an upbeat mix of in-studio interviews and pre-produced packages by a crew of local people dedicated to improving our city. Contact Street Beat via email.

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Henry Wells III and Marianna McCoy  (credit: CW50)

Street Beat: Education Programs Enriching The Lives Of Students

This week on Street Beat, host Lisa Germani looks at education programs that enrich the lives of students.


Dr. Sharon Bihlmeyer St. Joseph Cancer Clinics (credit: Derek Fawaz/CW50)

Street Beat: Health Concerns — Cancer, Maternity Care, Fitness, Brain Injury

This week on Street Beat, host Amyre Makupson looks at health issues that concern many Michiganders.


Kim Kovelle, Metro Parent Magazine (credit: Derek Fawaz/CW50)

Street Beat: Easy As Pie Fundraising

Lisa Germani talks kids and families with Kim Kovelle of Metro Parent Magazine, Jennifer Burke of the MESP, Amy Good of Alternatives for Girls, Champion Role Model Award recipient Janet McAuliffe and Linda Petty from Elizabeth Jeans Pie Kits.


Jo Anne Mondowney Executive Director Detroit Public Library (credit: Derek Fawaz/CW50)

Street Beat: Simplicity Parenting

This week on Street Beat, host Amyre Makupson covers a number of topics, from how to make parenting a lot simpler to how a generous donor is helping Focus: HOPE make a big difference in the community.


Deb Davis (& Seymour)
Community Outreach Manager (credit: Derek Fawaz/CW50)

Street Beat: Life Changing Hero Dogs

Street Beat host Karen Carter looks at a variety of dogs that have been trained in special ways to be heroes and life changing companions.


Richard Hathaway & Eric Sabree (credit: Derek Fawaz/CW50)

Street Beat: Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Detroit is bracing for a flood of tax foreclosures. Get expert advice on what will help homeowners avoid losing their homes.


Kim Trent & Darci McConnell (credit: Derek Fawaz/CW50)

Street Beat: Detroit Rape Kits Tested

Host Lisa Germani talks with Kim Trent, the president of the African American 490 Challenge of Enough SAID and Darci Mc Connell, President & CEO of Mc Connell Communications about the thousands of untested rape kits found in a Detroit Police Department storage unit.


Alyse Wesorick, & Kevin Kelco (credit: Derek Fawaz/CW50)

Street Beat: 2016 NAIAS Charity Preview

It’s the largest single night fundraiser in the world and Host Karen Carter discusses how local charities are benefiting from the Charity Preview of the 2016 North American International Auto Show.


Dawud Walid, Osama Siblani, Nabih Ayad and Lisa Germani (credit:  Derek Fawaz/CW50)

Street Beat: Islamophobia In Detroit

Host Lisa Germani looks at Islamophobia and the effect it’s having on Metro Detroit.


Jim Tuman National Youth Speaker (credit:  Derek Fawaz/CW50)

Street Beat: Jimmy’s Kids, swAg, The HIV Pill And WGPR

Amyre Makupson, talks with 74 year old Jim Tuman about his Jimmy’s Kids program that mentors youth and helps them feel, safe, valued and loved. It also helps prevent teenage suicide.


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