Best friends Ryan and Brandon race across Europe in search of Ryan’s missing bride-to-be, while also struggling with the eternal twenty-something question of what to do with their lives. Click here for more.

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Backpackers – A-MILF-ey Coast

BACKPACKERS – Monday July 21st at 9:30pm on CW50 – BLACKMAIL AND COUGARS — Ryan (Noah Reid) is obsessed with finding his fiancée Beth, so he and Brandon (Dillon Casey) reach out to Beth’s family [...]


(credit: KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Backpackers’ Recap: It’s Like, ‘ow You Say, The Crazy Love

Take a look at CW’s newest summer comedy.



It’s Like, ‘ow You Say, The Crazy Love – Backpackers

BACKPACKERS – Monday July 14th at 8:30pm on CW50 – THE CW’S NEW SUMMER COMEDY — As best friends Ryan (Noah Reid, “Titanic”) and Brandon (Dillon Casey, “Nikita”) race across Europe in search of Ryan’s [...]


(credit: The CW)

Backpackers: Do Europe Trailer

Dillon Casey one half of the international traveling duo from “Backpackers” recently Tweeted an endorsement for the trailer of the show.



About Backpackers

In a first for the network’s digital studio, CW Seed, the original digital series BACKPACKERS will make the jump from online-only to the broadcast network, with brand new original episodes of BACKPACKERS set to premiere [...]



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