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  1. Shbab says:

    in my rssnopee to Ed, the trickiest part about that is keeping your pricing structure consistent in each venue. If you can do that, it’s great to be able to have so many options to make a sale. I admire artists who do sales themselves. It’s a lot of work and I sure wasn’t able to handle it.Hi Ed, Thanks for the compliment. I have been using “dreary” colors along with the brighter colors a bit more lately and this was one turned out nicely, I think.

  2. Eliane says:

    Hi Jeff, I do tend to agree with what you have heard. It rlaely is important to have consistent prices everywhere. But if you are maintaining a studio space in order to sell your work, the prices there should be the same as in a gallery. After all, you are marketing and have expenses as well. Auctions? perhaps you could sell different work in the auction-different medium, subject matter, size, to justify a sale at a different price. Just my opinion of course.

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