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  1. Baukje says:

    Ed, People aalwys want a discount! I never request a discount when I buy art because I know how that eats away at the artists, and gallery profit. And you are right about low prices indicating a little value. Lisa, I am sure that you can find a way to set up a clustered price list, hey that’s what we should name this! 2006 Clustered Price List.Anyway, I have mixed feelings about pricing work based on quality. I understand it and know a few artists who do that but I am not sure I’d want to announce to everyone which of my own work that I think is great and which is just so-so. If a buyer falls in love with a piece that I think isn’t the best, what am I telling them? They have bad taste? Please don’t think I am saying you that you shouldn’t price things that way. I am just pointing out how it can be interpreted. I do show work that I don’t think is my very best, but I never say which those are, and very often the so-so one ends up being a piece that someone connects with and buys. On the other hand, I totally understand wanting to get a better price when your genius show itself! I think it’s a matter of preference ultimately.I do eventually sell things deeply discounted, but I think I’ll discuss that issue in tomorrow’s post.

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