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  1. Achmad says:

    Hi Kris, tnkhas for the comment. Luckily, these days, artists have so many more options as far as selling our work. It doesn’t have to be either/or, it just was for me. I checked out your blog, by the way, and your work looks great, and tnkhas for mentioning me. LOVE the frames you bought.

  2. Marna says:

    Hi Shan, Glad to know you weren’t sure about poinstg your prices as well! I have definitely enjoyed this topic too.

  3. Yessverenne says:

    Torture, I know:-)I dedcied to finish it tomorrow because the entry was getting long and I wanted to get to my studio!I wanted to rant about this in the post, but I was trying to keep it short, so thanks for doing it for me. I TOTALLY agree with you about the attitude that gallery employees get when they find out I am an artist. I completely get attitude at some of my favorite galleries in NYC and it really pains me. Because it means I probably won’t want to buy anything from them and I could if I wanted to. Well at least a small piece, anyway. I do buy art and I am in favor of buying it through galleries in order to support their efforts, but I hate that snotty mentality that seems so common.

  4. Abay says:

    ….but I can’t help ncioitng that you were apparently very inspired, felt good in Woodstock (your favorite town) and took a bunch of useful pictures and gathered inspiration on your way home.So good/stupid or not, sounds like it was the right thing for you to do at that moment…say….you will continue this story… won’t you??

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