• Arrow: Season 6: Episode 3
  1. Devkaran says:

    Certain anmouts of money can be used to pay employees, including the people running the nonprofit. These anmouts vary by state and usually must be a set figure not a percentage of the nonprofits income.

  2. Charal says:

    A 15 kg child sits on the edge of at 2 m ruiads, 200 kg merry go round. A father as been getting a little carried away and has pushed it up to a tangential velocity of 8.0 m/s. With no harm being done, the child jumps off with a tangential velocity of -8.0 m/s so that he lands straight in the arms of his father (effectively giving him no angular momentum). What is the final angular velocity of the merry go round?

  3. Ederson says:

    Both want to cagnhe society!Both see the states as repressive!Freedom is in the mind of the beholderDon’t they both have the same mindset?

  4. Rayane says:

    .So if the iatmuinlli control the world than they control the mass media their greatest tool to manipulate and influence the masses.If there is a music star with a big following then chances are the iatmuinlli will use them because so many people will follow or look up to their favorite music idol and then they will be manipulated.It is a good way of influencing the masses and their attitudes and behaviours.You can imagine a lot of teenage girls idolize Lady Gaga and dress in skimpy clothing just because Lady Gaga does so or acts in a certain way just because their favorite pop star does.It is all about corruption and the break down of society.they want to corrupt the minds of the youth today through sex, drugs and anything else.

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